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* 16. 11. 1903  Łódź   —   † 24. 1. 1945  Přelouč




Station office report to the First Dep. Directory of Railways



Two prisoner transports from Osvetim (Treblinka) passed railway station Prelouc on 25 January 1945.

Both trains of about 60 open carriages each, made a short hold. Train # 90858, arrival 09:45, departure 11:46 and train # 6226, arrival 16:19, departures 17:01.

The appearance of the train’s passengers was horrible. Frozen, insufficiently dirty dressed prisoners standing in open carriages, trying to keep them selves warm slowly moving, made an apocalyptic impression.

Railroaders announced that several dead prisoners were spotted along the line, apparently thrown out right before the stop. On some carriages could be seen dead prisoners piled in the breaker’s box. In end of each train was also an open carriage where also the death prisoners were stored.

xxxThe insufficient dressed prisoners, some without shoes, suffered heavily at –19° Celsius.

During the 2 hours hold, the train was strictly guarded, approaching was prohibited. However few railway employs and some citizen tried to give some bred to the starving people. The few prisoners brave enough to climb down and collect some dirty snow to quench the thirst were beaten back.

There was no food served during this hold. The prisoners capable to communicate told that they are traveling 6 days without food. The dead prisoners found along the line were collected and thrown in the last carriage.

Common grave

Location on map

The second train # 6226:

The prisoners and the conditions were mainly the same. The guards appeared slightly more bully. The commander announced that every one approaching the train will be shot. Even then, there was made attempt to throw inn some bred. One prisoner, who climbed down the carriage, trying to relieve oneself were shot in front of the gazing citizens. This train did not collect the dead prisoners left along the line.

On the order of local police authority, all the dead found along the line were collected in the cities mortuary; the two found between Prelouc and Recany apparently still living, were examined by local medical, Dr. Josef Pekař, and declared dead.

In all were collected 15 bodies’, the 6 belonging the first train were loaded on it taken away. The remaining 9, from the second train, were buried on the cities cemetery.

The prisoner’s numbers are:

E 9165, F 200531, F 200581, F 200552, A 15894, F 200863, F 493, 169899, 183006

The witness: All railway station employees during the day.



The station master Venkrbec


SÚA KT OVS, Pochody smrti, Hlášení, svazek P (Přelouč). 5. 11. 1945; úředně ověřený opis z 8. 5. 1946.

Translaed by Ivan Formánek